Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Fest-of-All" Update -- Look at this Menu!

Local restaurants and bakeries are offering a tantalizing menu at this year's "Fest-of-All" gala on March 14 at the Museum of Industry. Here's what you can expect -- oysters, sliders, sushi, Pad Thai tofu, chicken curry, "the best cheesesteaks south of Philly," crab soup, seafood pasta, meatballs, mini-pastries, cakes and assorted sweats.

Food for Federal Hill's premiere event is being supplied by: Abbey Burger Bistro, Brightons, Dee Dee Bakery, MaGerk's, Matsuri, Metropolitan, Mother's, Nick's Oyster Bar, Nobles Bar & Grill, Ropewalk, Ryleighs Oyster, Sobo Cafe, Tenzo: Art Within Pastry, Thai Arroy, and Trattoria Anna Maria.

Don't wait any to order your tickets: go online or call 410-727-4500.

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