Sunday, June 14, 2009

Planters Spruce Up Business District

Stop and enjoy the flowers! Thanks to the generosity of local businesses and volunteers, our sidewalks are a bit greener.

Through Federal Hill Main Street's "Adopt-A-Pot" program, 20 large planters have been installed and/or revived with new flowers and greens along S. Charles, Light, and Cross streets. Combined with the attractive hanging flower baskets sponsored by the Federal Hill Business Association, the beautification effort is making a difference.

Main Street volunteer and green thumb Helen Huriaux (pictured here with Adopt-A-Pot sponsors of Rogers & Goldbach Insurance) coordinated the project and enlisted the support of businesses to purchase and care for the plants. Sign-A-Rama is donating printed stickers with the name of the business sponsors to be placed on planters.


  1. Wow what a great way to give back to the communtity. Way to go Rogers & Goldbach!

  2. Evergreens are a wise choice! - At least you won't have to maintain them in the wintertime, and it will look great. Love the improvements!