Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Come n' Get it in Federal Hill: New, New, New!

Federal Hill welcomes three brand new businesses: Midnite, Curiosity, and D&J Gift Shop.

Midnite confection’s cupcakery officially opens at 1051 South Charles on Saturday, October 9th. Along with a cozy, modern atmosphere, Midnite offers a unique twist on the delicious treat we all know and love. Perhaps the most unique are their signature cocktail-themed cupcakes. Other signature flavors include cupcakes with names like “playboy” and “sublime-inal” and, of course, the “midnite” cupcake. If every every night my midnight routine consisted of a chocolate chip cream cheese surprise tucked inside a decadent chocolate cupcake, topped with a sinful chocolate buttercream frosting, I wouldn't mind at all!

Curiosity, another newcomer, is located just above another Federal Hill shop favorite, Whimsy, 1033 South Charles. An expansion of an established interior design studio, Destefano & Graleski, this retail space enables them to offer their own unique flavor with items such as light fixtures, small home accessories, prints, and other specialty home goods.

Located on Light Street, D&J Gift Shop (1129 Light Street) peaks ones curiosity with their supply of various odds and ends. From Halloween masks to jewelry, pocketbooks, hats, china ware tea sets, comical coffee mugs, computer accessories, iPhone covers, and of course, both Orioles and Ravens large life-size chinese umbrellas.

All three are places you surely need to check out for yourself!

--Chelsea Ryder

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