Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vote for Federal Hill Main Street Green Roof!

42 E. Cross Street could be the first building in the community to have its very own green roof. Federal Hill Main Street is in the running for a FREE green roof, and we need your help!

Cole Roofing of Baltimore is donating a green roof ($30,000 value) to one local nonprofit organization. This would be a perfect addition to our historic building that houses our office and Visitors' Center at 42 East Cross Street in the heart of Federal Hill.

You can help by voting for Federal Hill Main Street by going to the following link:

Scroll down until you get to Federal Hill Main Street (unfortunately, the listings are not alphabetical) and then click on the Vote button. You have to register to vote, but it's a simple email and password set-up.

The competition is fierce, so please vote often (once a day is allowed) as there are only 31 days left to vote. And tell all your neighbors and friends, too!

Also know as vegetated roofs, these growing mediums that are planted over a waterproofing membrane facilitate stormwater runoff, a reduction in the heat island effect, lower utility bills through natural insulation, and protection from UV damage.

Thank you for supporting Federal Hill Main Street!

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