Friday, April 29, 2011

FUNdraising Fridays at MaGerks!

Looking for a way to raise money for your favorite cause? MaGerks is here to help. You bring the people, they provide a venue and staff. The fundraising night is tailored to fit each individual cause to maximize profit and fun.

Each organization can set a cover charge, which is pure profit to the organization and has the option of selling raffle tickets, holding an auction or other forms of fundraising. “This can be extremely profitable to the organization,” said Sarah Clark of MaGerks. Through the FUN-draising Fridays at MaGerks, they are hoping to show that the bars in Federal Hill do some good for the community.

MaGerks will reserve the upper level for the group and will donate a keg of beer, a platter of food or 10 percent of sales from the party. Each party will also enjoy drink specials and inexpensive food, on a night that many people are already out. The organization also has the choice of making the party private or opening it to the public.

“It’s always good to give back and it’s always been very important to me,” said Clark. “It’s exciting its actually happening.” The program has very recently begun and has already been extremely successful. MaGerks is happy to help with any organization’s needs and wishes for each to have a successful fundraising night.

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-Meredith Cook, Intern