Tuesday, June 28, 2011

U2: More Than Just a Concert for Federal Hill

Last week’s U2 concert was a great economic boost for Federal Hill, says Light Street Cycles (1124 Light Street) owner Penny Troutner. Not only did it attract 80,000 festive fans to the area, it also brought hundreds in to work for several days on production, stage assembly, etc., before and after the huge event. And where did these workers go when they were done? To Federal Hill, of course!

Penny befriended a group of truckers who worked on the stage. They came into her store, bought bikes, had bike repairs done, and were incredibly friendly. So friendly that they gave her back stage passes to the concert! (See photo.)

And, Light Street Cycles was not the only local business to benefit. Production crew members were spotted at many establishments, including Afters Café (1001 S. Charles), Mother’s (1113 S. Charles), The Abbey Burger Bistro (1041 Marshall), and Pub Dog (20 E. Cross)! Thousands of U2 fans flocked to all the local restaurants and pubs before and after the show, too. “We were slammed and it was great fun,” said Tony of The Hill (1015 S. Charles).

Thank you, Bono and all the men of U2, for a great show and a boost to our local economy!

--Joanna Lusk, intern

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