Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Artful Furniture Restoration in Federal Hill

David Reiff of Federal Hill Restorations and Antiques, 912 S. Charles, spends hours each day working on forgotten pieces of furniture. He and his apprentice, Ryan, restore antiques to bring out their original beauty. The business has been operating out of the Klein’s Antique’s space on Charles Street for a year now, and David says, “It's been great.”

David usually has 6 to 8 projects going on at one time, ranging from chairs to cabinets to couches, even a 1780’s corner cupboard, and much more. He finds unique and interesting pieces to work on at auctions across the state. All the work is done by hand, with each piece getting lots of attention. David and Ryan are the only restorers, and they are both dedicated to ensuring that the antiques stay true to their original time period, no matter how long it takes. They've been working on one piece since March!

From a young age, David has had an interest in antiques. He even taught himself how to restore them. Now he has his work all over the east coast and even has one piece in the White House (a painting for which he restored the frame). David and Ryan also do occasional finishing work on pieces for their neighbor, Artesanos don Bosco, a furniture store and gallery at 828 S. Charles.

Restoration truly is an art, and David has dedicated his life to it. Stop by Klein’s Antiques and see the beautiful work that he does.

--Joanna Lusk, Intern


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