Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Armoire: Welcome to Federal Hill!

The Armoire of Federal Hill, a cache of gently used women's and men's designer bargains, has moved from its previous home at 735 S. Hanover Street to 905 Light Street. Owner Rob Biancuzzo, who opened the consignment shop last October after working in the medical field for years, says he’s excited about his new space. “I think we did better in our first week than we did in a whole month at our previous location,” says Rob, “it just feels right.”

Unlike your standard thrift or second-hand store, The Armoire is a consignment shop. Consignors bring in the items they wish to sell. Armoire and said seller agree upon a price, and the shop houses, displays, and ultimately sells the items on behalf of the consignor. In essence, anyone who has desirable, seasonal, trending clothes, shoes or accessories in good condition can profit from their retired wardrobe with very little effort!

Considering that The Armoire sells your items for you and both parties profit from said agreement, the shop is selective in what it chooses. “You really have to have an eye for the names out there,” says owner Rob, whose discerning eye for fashion has taken in designer pieces from Chanel, Coach, and Gucci. Although the racks have scattered among them high-end pieces, inventory is comprised of mostly affordable, everyday labels like Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic.

For the eclectic fashionista who knows exactly what she’s looking for or the fervent bargain shopper who loves a great deal, stop by The Armoire; you’re sure to fall in love with a piece that’s just your style!

Briana Lopes, Intern

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