Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dance the Night Away at Fest-of-All!

The entertainment at Fest-of-All will surely get you on to the dance floor. With popular cover band, The Real Geniuses, and Latin dance performances by the Baltimore Salsa Dance Company, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.

The Real Geniuses' popularity has grown to make them a must-see band in the D.C./Baltimore region. Their set list contains lots of hits from the 80's, but they are no stranger to songs from the 50's through the 90's. With female and male vocalists and a fun set list, they are sure to get everyone up and dancing!

Along with live music from The Real Geniuses, will be an exotic Latin dance performance from the talented dancers at the Baltimore Salsa Dance Company. Tabitha Darby and Duane Lewis will perform the Meringue and a Salsa dance, and the Bachata will be performed by Isabell Triemer and Leo Vera.

This year's Fest-of-All is sure to entertain you throughout the night, and maybe even get you to finally try that Salsa dance you always wanted to try. Don't miss out!

Fest-of-All is February 26, 7-11pm at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Tickets are $60, ($75 at the door). If you haven't bought your tickets for Fest-of-All, visit the event website.

-Meredith Cook

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