Friday, February 11, 2011

Federal Hill Main Street Votes Are In!

Federal Hill Main Street members voted in some new and familiar faces during the February 8th annual meeting. According to the by-laws, the 11-member Board includes three business directors, two resident directors, two at-large seats, and four committee chairs.

The four committee chairs are: Mike Schollaert (Business Development Committee), Mike Burton (Design Committee), Cathy Hammond (Organization Committee), and new to the board, Erin Hopkins (Promotions Committee).

Business Directors include: Dave Rather, Corey Robey and new to the team, Sonny Morstein, former president of the Federal Hill Business Association. Resident Directors include: Patrick Mutch and Cathy Strodel and At-Large Directors include: Christine Cochrum and Bill Romani.

Following the Board election was the voting of officers by the new Board members. Serving as officers are Patrick Mutch, President; Bill Romani, Vice President; Cathy Hammond, Secretary; and Corey Robey, Treasurer.

"I'm delighted to be part of Federal Hill Main Street," said Cathy Hammond. I moved to the peninsula 6 years ago because of the vibrant commercial district, the wonderful neighborhoods and the friendly people. I believe a truly great neighborhood needs all three parts to succeed, and Federal Hill Main Street is the organization that works to strengthen each of those components."

In conjunction with the election and annual meeting was a Volunteer Appreciation Party, a chance for Federal Hill Main Street to thank the hundreds of folks how volunteer their time in support of the program and special events, such as the street festivals.

Get involved in Federal Hill Main Street and help make a difference in the community! Membership is FREE, so there is no reason not to join; click here to become a member!

-Meredith Cook, Intern

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