Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catch an Original: “This Is Baltimore! ”

Mark Cottman, owner and artist of Mark Cottman Gallery, 1014 S. Charles, will be unveiling “This is Baltimore!” tonight at 6 pm. This painting has always been a dream of Mark’s, and now it is finished! The acrylic work highlights 26 famous Baltimore landmarks and really captures what it means to be a Baltimorean. A native of Baltimore, Mark wanted to do a painting to celebrate the city and show how proud he is to be from here. The goal, he says, is to give someone the “feeling of Baltimore.” This colorful and dynamic painting is truly one of a kind! Take some time tonight and go see everything you love about your city all in one place. "This is Baltimore!" will be available for a limited edition giclee reproduction on canvas in 40 X 30 and 24 X 16. By mid August a 36 X 24 print will be on sale for $25.

Mark will also be unveiling “Live Jazz at Martha's Vineyard”, a poster celebrating jazz music. Check out his “Wild Things” show, which is still on display, featuring paintings of 25 different animals.

--Joanna Lusk, Intern

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