Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach Tennis, Anyone? Aruba Sponsors Federal Hill Street Beat Festival!

It’s official!  Aruba is bringing Beach Tennis to the Federal Hill Street Beat Festival this Sunday, September 30th! Street Beat is Federal Hill's biggest festival of the year, and with a real sand court added to the mix of live music, food&drink, arts&crafts, Kids' Kross Street, and more, this event is sure to be the best yet. And, all this with FREE admission!
Beach Tennis is the national sport of Aruba, and is gaining momentum throughout the world.  A mix between tennis and beach volleyball, this game promises to be fun and exhilarating.  Along with the 80+ vendors offering food, drink, crafts, and an incredible 17 bands, this addition will certainly make for an unforgettable Street Beat Festival.
Aruba is home to more than 50 annual events of its own – including the world-famous Carnival, Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, Aruba International Film Festival, Aruba In-Style Fashion Week and International Beach Tennis Championships.     
Aruba is thrilled to bring sand, sun, and fun to one of Baltimore’s greatest outdoor events.  Definitely be sure to check out the courts and maybe even try it for yourself!

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Alex Marie Schmidt, Intern

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  1. Beach tennis is the national sport of Aruba at the best beach in Aruba like palm beach and eagle beach.