Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Federal Hill Street Beat Fest: The Music!

Everyone knows that the Federal Hill STREET BEAT FESTIVAL (sponsored this year by Aruba) offers incredible live music.  Don't miss the great, FREE event this Sunday, September 30, 11 am to 7 pm   

   We have a whopping 17 bands playing on three stages for maximum music entertainment: Cross Street at Light, West Street at Charles, and Hamburg Street at Charles. Bands play for roughly one hour, and times are staggered so you won’t miss a single beat.  Bands come from all over, mixing sounds and genres for everyone enjoy.  We even have some local bands, like Bravenoise and Jenny Freeman Band, who are from Federal Hill. Festival favorites Grilled Lincolns, All Mighty Senators, and Old Man Brown are sure to please as well.

    Check out the schedule:


                                                       12:30-1:30         Unmentionables
                                                       1:45-2:45 Olyver James
                                                       3:00-4:00 Freedom Enterprise
                                                       4:20-5:10 Jenny Leigh Band
                                                       5:30-7:00 Old Man Brown  


                                                          11:15-12:15 Radiation Puppy
                                                          12:30-1:30         Shook
                                                          1:45-2:30     Getamungstit
                                                          2:45-4:00    Uncle Jack Band
                                                          4:15-5:10     Pigeons Playing Ping Pong  
                                                          5:30-7:00           Psycho Killers


                                                          11:30-12:15      Hippy Sheiks
                                                          12:30-1:15 Bravenoise
                                                          1:30-2:15 Shinola
                                                          3:00-4:00         Soul Island Rebels
                                                          4:15-5:15     Grilled Lincolns  
                                                          5:45-7:00          All Mighty Senators 
Don’t forget about the 80+ vendors bringing arts & crafts and food & drink for you!  This is an event you certainly don’t want to miss!
See you Sunday!
Alex Marie Schmidt, Intern

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