Monday, November 26, 2012

Family-Friendly Federal Hill

Thirteen years ago, Federal Hill may not have been considered as family friendly as it is today.   There were limited family activities and barely any communication between parents.  Nowadays, we have a warm community feel and fun events that everyone can enjoy.  These awesome improvements are thanks in large part to the FedHillKids Listserv.

The Listserv has been a channel for parents and families all over Fed Hill to consign, swap, communicate, and plan.   Currently, there are over 1300 members and it’s still growing.  Whether you currently have kids or are expecting one soon, this is a great place to network with other South Baltimore parents.   

Moms and Dads can exchange everything, from strollers and toys to advice and news.  And the listserv isn’t limited to child-related matters. While political posting is not allowed, parents are encouraged to talk about local Baltimore issues that may affect families. 

Interested in joining the FedHillKids Listserv?  Visit or contact the moderator at

Alex Marie Schmidt, Intern

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