Monday, November 12, 2012

New Program Planned for South Baltimore Rec Center

The Digital Harbor Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship through education, has now added Rec2Tech to their list of programs.  This new program will benefit students of Federal Hill, as well as those who live and work in the community.  

Rech2Tech is an after-school program focused on teaching creative uses of technology to students.  Participating kids from kindergarten through grade 12 will learn how to use their developing tech skills for dance, music, videography, web design, and app development

Currently, the program is operating at Federal Hill Prep and Digital Harbor High School. Eventually, Rec2Tech will move into the South Baltimore Recreation Center space, which will also continue to house current after-school program students. The Digital Harbor Foundation will operate the program there as a nonprofit organization. After they get settled in there, they will be offering evening technology classes for community residents. 

“We want to focus on hands-on activities, to create a ‘maker space’, where kids can follow their passions while leaning about technology,” says Rose Burt, tech director.  This program will prepare students for employment and will make them more marketable in the job market. For example, the director will bring in mentors from local technology businesses, such as Betamore at 1111 Light Street.

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Interested in helping?  Rec2Tech is currently looking for time, energy, and equipment.  Contact Rose Burt at

Alex Marie Schmidt, Intern

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