Thursday, March 7, 2013

Check Out the Fest-of-All Photos!

An event as successful as the 6th Annual Fest-of-All has to have some amazing pictures to go along with it, and it did not disappoint!

Re-live all the excitement and celebration from Saturday February 23 with Isabell Triemer’s beautiful photographs now posted on the Federal Hill Main Street web site!

Featuring shots of all things Fest-of-All from the Fashion Show to the Real Geniuses to food, magic, and much more, these photographs will surely make party-goers smile with the memories of such a lively night.

Many thanks to Isabell for all her hard work in documenting this fantastic event. These pictures definitely help show off the best of Federal Hill’s fashion, food, drinks, and music.

See all of Isabell Triemer’s official Fest-of-All photography here. Mark your calendars for our next fantastic event: Spring Block Party on April 28!

Elizabeth Nelson, Intern

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