Monday, July 2, 2012

Regi’s Is Back, and in Full Force!

After 3 long months, Regi’s American Bistro (1002 Light Street) has reopened! The restaurant was forced to close following an electrical fire on April 10. The renovated 1860 building can now continue to be a destination for local and regional residents, business groups, and tourists, all of whom can enjoy the "farm and rooftop to fork" cuisine.
Owner Alan Morstein in front of the Authentic Marble
Fireplace in the dining area.
Owner Alan Morstein wants to keep the charm of Federal Hill alive in his restaurant. “Though the fire was a setback, to say the least, I wanted to utilize the closing to make enhancements to both the physical appearance as well as the menu,” said Alan. 
The hardwood flooring, cherished fireplace, and popular bar are originals from 1978 and have been refined and polished. With added touches of Edison lighting, a large Gyro fan, and black and white photos of Cross Street Market, you'll feel right at home!
It goes without saying that the food continues to meet Regi’s high standards. Some exciting new additions are coming, along with a new light fare menu starting on July 12. Alan is proud to welcome a new executive chef, Audiel Vera, who earned his stripes working under such marquis chefs as: Cindy Wolf (Charleston), Jessie Sandlin (Pazo/Vino Rosina), and Pat Morrow (Meli). 
“I am excited about the endless prospects of presenting our signature cuisine blending with Audiel’s creativity and passions,” said Alan. The neighborhood is excited as well!
Be sure to stop in and welcome back Alan and friends at Regi’s American Bistro, a Federal Hill gem!

--Margeaux Appel, Intern

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