Thursday, May 30, 2013

Calling All Book Lovers: Book Escape Contest!

Weekends at The Book Escape just got more interesting! Starting May 11, The Book Escape began a new weekend contest: $20 hidden in a book somewhere in the store!

The first announcement was made on the Facebook page, with a clue: “There is a hunter among us.” Local firefighter Ron Howard knew that Stephen Hunter, a nationally respected author and critic, lived in Federal Hill, so he popped across the street and found the prize in a copy of Master Sniper.

The Book Escape hopes to continue the contest every weekend, and will continue to announce the clues and winners on their Facebook and Twitter. The usual prize will be $20, but some weekends, it might be higher!

“We will try to pick out books and provide clues that might help expand one's knowledge, or at least provide some interesting trivia, on reading and literature,” said Andrew Stonebarger, owner of The Book Escape.   

So head on down to The Book Escape on Saturdays for a chance to learn about literature and maybe find some literary treasure of your own!

Elizabeth Nelson, Intern

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