Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Kids’ Kross Street at Jazz&Blues Fest: June 2

It’s that time of year again! On June 2nd, Federal Hill Main Street will host the 13th Annual Jazz & Blues Wine & Art Festival featuring the popular children’s play area, Kids’ Kross Street! Misty Keens, parent volunteer and co-coordinator, says she’s excited about their return and feels the activities provided by Kids’ Kross Street enrich the Federal Hill community.

“I’ve immensely enjoyed organizing Kids’ Kross Street. Shane and I have been fortunate enough to have inherited a very dedicated core group of volunteers that give so much to this community throughout the year. It’s nice to be a part of that,” says Misty.                                                                                    
SoBo Kids, the neighborhood family volunteer organization, returns to the festival to adorn children of all sizes with colorful face paint and temporary tattoos. Their station will be operating between 1 and 3 pm. There will also be a sidewalk chalk area where children can create their own masterpieces and a bubble pool, along with some do-it-yourself craft booths.

After they’ve been artfully crafted into their favorite cartoon character or animal, be sure to accompany your little ones to listen to the famous Urban Pirates, who will host story time at 3 pm. After patiently sitting through these sedentary, though fun activities, your kids are sure to be bursting with energy and excitement! What better way to channel that energy than jumping around in one of the two moon bounces? To keep kids safe, parent volunteers take turns supervising the blow-up vessels (which also enables them to enjoy the festival’s adult activities, including the amazing music line-up).

The overwhelmingly popular rice-pools (who knew?) will be set up again this year, where toddlers can amaze and amuse their senses using the many toys on hand to scoop up and play with raw rice. Lawn games will be ongoing, where older kids can compete in bean bag and ring toss. After all the jumping, throwing, tossing, running, and playing, our kids are sure to work up an appetite! Satisfy their hunger and perhaps spark cultural curiosity by participating in a sushi-rolling demo with Roy’s Restaurant.

“Every kid will be entertained,” said volunteer co-coordinator Shane Splitt. “Every parent will be able to enjoy the time while their child is busy playing.”

Thanks to volunteers and organizers, Kids’ Kross Street will continue to be an integral part of the Jazz & Blues Festival, helping to create memories and build bonds within the Federal Hill community. “I hope that the future brings in a new band of parents willing to give back to this community that gives so much to them,” says Misty.

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Briana Lopes, Intern

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